Insurer pays out 100% of claims during Q2

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To anyone who uses the excuse that “insurers don’t pay out on claims” as a reason to avoid taking out personal protection, then take a look at this article on Cover Magazine.
Holloway Friendly paid out 100% of Income Protection claims in Q2. Yes, you read that right….100% of claims!
Income Protection is one of the most undersold but most effective products available. Everyone at Plus Mortgages has Income Protection – we insist on it.
Have you considered taking out Income Protection?
If not, why not?
How does it work? – If you are unable to work through accident or illness, the cover provides a replacement income.
Why is this beneficial? – This replacement income can be used to cover your mortgage or rent but also allows you to cover your other commitments and keep food on the table.
Ultimately, it is designed to allow you to continue your lifestyle and limit the impact of being off work.
What is covered? – The policy covers you for serious conditions such as Heart Attack, Stroke or Cancer but can also include Stress and Mental Health issues provided these stop you from working or even a broken leg.
You don’t need to have a mortgage to take out Income Protection. Best of all, it can be extremely cost-effective and usually costs less than a carton of milk a day.
If you’re self-employed or a labourer then Income Protection should be an essential part of your protection portfolio.
If you’d like to know more about Income Protection and how it works or are interested in how much your cover would cost then call the team on 01564 651 291 or email us at
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