May pledges £2bn for affordable and social housing

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The Prime Minster has announced a £2bn initiative to boost the UK’s affordable and social housing supply.
May commented that “under the scheme, associations will be able to apply for funding stretching as far ahead as 2028/29” and that this would translate to tens of thousands of homes built “where they are needed most.”
One of her key aims is to ensure that affordable housing in indistinguishable from houses sold at full market value which is an interesting stance. She wanted tenants in social housing to feel proud.
She comments that, “as you look from building to building, house to house, you should not be able to tell simply by looking which homes are affordable and which were sold at the market rate.”
What are your thoughts on this? Will it make a difference to our housing crisis or is it too little, too late?
Read the full article via Mortgage Strategy by clicking here.
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