UK Employees Just One Month From The Breadline!

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UK Employees Just One Month From The Breadline!
Research by Legal & General has shown that more than a quarter (26%) of the people they researched said that their current savings would last them just one week or less!
Families across the UK are at threat should the main breadwinner die or become critically ill.
When you become a customer of Plus Mortgages, we have a duty of care to make sure that:
– When your income stops through sickness or accident, you will receive a replacement income and avoid having your home repossessed.
– When you get Cancer, have a Heart Attack, suffer a Stroke or are diagnosed with a specified Critiical Illness, your mortgage is paid off and you home isn’t repossessed.
– When you or your partner die, you get to keep your home.
We do a proper job!
If you want to talk to us about how best to protect you and your family from the worst happening, give us a call today for honest, expert advice.
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