What can I borrow?
Aug 6, 2018 No Comments In Blog By
Whether you’re looking to buy a new home or simply find a better mortgage deal, Plus Mortgages can help. Whatever it is you’re looking to do, the very first thing you’ll need to know is what you can borrow. This can vary massively between lenders and all depends on ...
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Mortgage rates cut by 8% in last 3 months
Jul 18, 2018 No Comments In Blog By
Good news for borrowers. As competition to attract First Time Buyers and Remortgage customers intensifies, lenders have cut mortgage rates by as much as 8% in the last three months! All this at a time when we expected to see the cost of borrowing rise. Read the full article via ...
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Borrowers could save up to £6,500 by remortgaging
Jul 16, 2018 No Comments In Blog By
With speculation of an interest rate rise later this year, borrowers coming to the end of their existing terms or already on an SVR would benefit from switching to a new fixed rate deal now. This would save some borrowers over £2,000 a year on their monthly mortgage repayments… ...
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