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Banks charging borrowers a £300-a-year mortgage loyalty penalty!
Jul 25, 2018 No Comments In Blog By
When a fixed-rate mortgage comes to an end, lenders will usually offer a “product transfer” to customers meaning they can switch to a new interest rate rather than being shifted onto the bank’s variable rate. However, research suggest many customers simply accept this product transfer because it’s ‘easier’ than remortgaging! ...
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Over a third of mortgages now have no fees
Jul 24, 2018 No Comments In Blog By
According to data from, around 40% of the market is now made up of mortgage products with no fees (up by 17% on this time last year). The increase is attributed to competition between lenders caused by static interest rates as they look for alternative ways to entice new customers. Read the ...
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Would you fix your mortgage for a decade?
Jul 23, 2018 No Comments In Blog By
Latest figures show that the ‘premium’ you pay for a longer loan, such as a 10-year fixed rate mortgage, is at its lowest since 2008. With a rise in interest rates on the cards, have you considered fixing your mortgage for a decade? Read the full article in The ...
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More mortgage choices for first time buyers but costs go up too
Jul 19, 2018 No Comments In Blog By
The Good News – The choice of mortgage products available to first time buyers with a 5% deposit has increased over the past year. The Bad News – The increase in choice hasn’t led to a fall in costs or interest rates as lenders appear to be pre-emptively absorbing ...
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Mortgage rates cut by 8% in last 3 months
Jul 18, 2018 No Comments In Blog By
Good news for borrowers. As competition to attract First Time Buyers and Remortgage customers intensifies, lenders have cut mortgage rates by as much as 8% in the last three months! All this at a time when we expected to see the cost of borrowing rise. Read the full article via ...
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No house price collapse in 2018
Jan 8, 2018 No Comments In Blog By
Is a house price collapse imminent in 2018? Tony Ward of explores the question. “So, a few days into 2018 we receive the first house price survey of the year – and no real surprises. Nationwide reported house price growth saw a modest slowdown in 2017, with London ...
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