Loyal mortgage customers penalised by £877 a year!
Oct 3, 2018 No Comments In Blog By
Why are loyal customers penalised? How does it make you feel to know that, on average, customers that stay loyal to a company pay an extra £877 a year?   Citizens Advice looked across markets for savings and mortgages, as well as three other “essential” markets including home insurance, ...
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UK Employees Just One Month From The Breadline!
Aug 15, 2018 No Comments In Blog By UK Employees Just One Month From The Breadline! Research by Legal & General has shown that more than a quarter (26%) of the people they researched said that their current savings would last them just one week or less! Families across the UK are at threat should the ...
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Average cost of getting on the property ladder now £209,000!
Aug 13, 2018 No Comments In Blog By
Latest figures from The Halifax First Time Buyer review shows that the average price of getting on the property ladder is now £209,000! That’s a 21% increase over the past ten years. Back in 2008, the average price of buying your first home was just £172,659. However, despite the rise in ...
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Average house prices rise to a record £230,280 – Halifax
Aug 7, 2018 No Comments In Blog By
Great article by Michael Lloyd on Mortgage Introducer today showing that Halifax’s House Price Index has seen house prices continue to rise compared to this time last year and this has pushed the average house price rising to a new record level of £230,280! But more importantly, Lloyd comments ...
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So-called ‘cheapest’ mortgage deals may cost you nearly £900!
Aug 2, 2018 No Comments In Blog By
Customers seem fixated with finding the best interest rate but often don’t realise that this may be costing them more. Read the full article via Mortgage Strategy by clicking here. The true cost of the mortgage (over the product term) is the figure you need to look at. At ...
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Will UK house prices continue to rise into the 2020s?
Jul 31, 2018 No Comments In Blog By
Despite concerns over the impact of a hard Brexit, house prices are predicted to continue rising in the UK into the 2020’s. Time will tell and whilst there is still a huge amount riding on the outcome of our Brexit negotiations, this news is definitely encouraging for those considering purchasing a home. ...
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Five Things You Should Know About… Joint Borrower – Sole Proprietor Mortgages
Jul 26, 2018 No Comments In Blog By
If you’re a First Time Buyer and struggling to afford the property you want, you might want to consider a Joint Borrower – Sole Proprietor mortgage. This product allows you to use the income of another person (such as a parent) to maximise mortgage lending, however only the first applicant ...
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Banks charging borrowers a £300-a-year mortgage loyalty penalty!
Jul 25, 2018 No Comments In Blog By
When a fixed-rate mortgage comes to an end, lenders will usually offer a “product transfer” to customers meaning they can switch to a new interest rate rather than being shifted onto the bank’s variable rate. However, research suggest many customers simply accept this product transfer because it’s ‘easier’ than remortgaging! ...
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Over a third of mortgages now have no fees
Jul 24, 2018 No Comments In Blog By
According to data from, around 40% of the market is now made up of mortgage products with no fees (up by 17% on this time last year). The increase is attributed to competition between lenders caused by static interest rates as they look for alternative ways to entice new customers. Read the ...
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