Only 1 in 10 people take out Income Protection – Zurich
Aug 16, 2018 No Comments In Blog By
It’s shocking to us here at Plus Mortgages that only 1 in 10 people take out Income Protection. Your income is everything. It’s the reason you get up and go to work every day. It’s the thing that pays your mortgage, puts food on the table and pays for ...
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Self-employed mortgages top mortgage broker searches
Aug 10, 2018 No Comments In Blog By
Research by Knowledge Bank indicates that the most searched product in July was in fact ‘mortgages for self-employed borrowers with only a year’s accounts’. This would suggest that the number of people who have recently taken the plunge to become self-employed is on the rise and that those same people are keen to understand their borrowing capabilities. ...
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Number of arrears and repossessions continue to fall
Aug 9, 2018 No Comments In Blog By
Thanks to a more sensible approach to affordability, the number of mortgage arrears cases and repossessions continues to fall. However, in contrast, the number of landlords in serious arrears has risen, which would suggest an increased strain on Buy to Let owners, potentially due to recent taxation changes. Will ...
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Stamp duty cut saves first-time buyers £284m to date
Aug 8, 2018 No Comments In Blog By
Figures out at the end of July show that First Time Buyers have saved £284m in would-be stamp duty payments since the Government announced the new £300,000 property threshold. According to government statistics, 120,000 first-time buyers have avoided paying stamp duty on their homes since these new rules were introduced. Under the new ...
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What can I borrow?
Aug 6, 2018 No Comments In Blog By
Whether you’re looking to buy a new home or simply find a better mortgage deal, Plus Mortgages can help. Whatever it is you’re looking to do, the very first thing you’ll need to know is what you can borrow. This can vary massively between lenders and all depends on ...
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Most borrowers unlikely to be affected from rate increase
Aug 3, 2018 No Comments In Blog By
Research by UK Finance shows that up to 95% of borrowers are unlikely to be affected by this weeks BoE rate rise, at least in the short term, because they opted for fixed-rate mortgage products. Given that the cost of lending is rising for Banks, customers on a variable mortgage ...
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Five Things You Should Know About… Joint Borrower – Sole Proprietor Mortgages
Jul 26, 2018 No Comments In Blog By
If you’re a First Time Buyer and struggling to afford the property you want, you might want to consider a Joint Borrower – Sole Proprietor mortgage. This product allows you to use the income of another person (such as a parent) to maximise mortgage lending, however only the first applicant ...
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Banks charging borrowers a £300-a-year mortgage loyalty penalty!
Jul 25, 2018 No Comments In Blog By
When a fixed-rate mortgage comes to an end, lenders will usually offer a “product transfer” to customers meaning they can switch to a new interest rate rather than being shifted onto the bank’s variable rate. However, research suggest many customers simply accept this product transfer because it’s ‘easier’ than remortgaging! ...
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Over a third of mortgages now have no fees
Jul 24, 2018 No Comments In Blog By
According to data from, around 40% of the market is now made up of mortgage products with no fees (up by 17% on this time last year). The increase is attributed to competition between lenders caused by static interest rates as they look for alternative ways to entice new customers. Read the ...
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